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EZ-Biz Webinar Hints & Kinks

WebEx is who EZ-Biz uses to Power its Webinars.
It is a very Powerful and Demanding program that
allows us to conduct our special Interactive Training

In order to achieve this Interactive interface with our
attendees, the program requires certain setup features
that other Webinars do not.  If you are having trouble
using our Webinar Please go through the steps below:

Follow these Steps:

1.  Go to http://www.ezbizroom.com .
2.  Click on "Meeting Center" at top Left of your screen.
3.  Click on "Set up" from the menu at the left of your
4.  Then Click on "Meeting Center" under setup.
5.  Then Click on "verify your rich media players".
6.  Make sure you have all the Media Players and they
     are up  to date.
7.  After verifying your Media Players, Click on
     "SET UP".

As you Join the Webinar - Follow these Steps:

1.  Login with your Name and email address
2.  If it's your First Time to use WebEx, Click on the
     "Audio" Tab at the top left of your screen - then
      select "Speaker/Microphone Audio Test", then
      select your Computers Speaker and Microphone
      and test them.
3.  If this is Not your First Time, click on the "Green
     Tab" at the top of your screen and select the
     "Participants" Tab. At the bottom of your Participants
      window, click on the "Audio" Tab and test as #2

This should solve most of your Webinar problems!

Still Having Trouble?
WebEx World-Wide Toll Free Telephone Support
Available 24/7