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Frequently Asked Questions


Account Questions:

Q - Someone told me they were rejected from membership in EZ-Biz Live.  If so, Why?

A - Because of all the Malware, Scams, and Hackers on the Internet today, the EZ-Biz Live Security is very tight.  We only want honest and serious business people as members.  To insure this we have been forced to take certain steps to provide our membership a safe environment.  In order to be a member you must satisfy the following criteria:

1.  Your IP address and email account cannot have complaints of Spam activity or found using a Proxy Server.
2.  You must have a Bank verified PayPal account.  This tells us you are who you say you are.  PayPal is the only payment processor we feel safe using.  Using a Credit Card or Pre-Paid Credit card with PayPal no longer qualifies you as a verified PayPal member.
3.  You must live in a PayPal approved country.

If you fail to satisfy any of the items above, you may be rejected membership in EZ-Biz Live or later canceled if we find you've abused our system..  If you feel you have been rejected unjustly, you are welcome to email the Admin.

Q - I have a Bank verified PayPal account, but it still gives me and error and doesn't let me join, Why?

A - Most of this kind of error is because you haven't entered your First and Last name exactly like it is listed in your PayPal account.  For example, you listed your name in the form as Don, but your PayPal account has you listed as Donald.

Q - What does it cost to upgrade my Free account and get more stuff?

A - The Pro Membership Upgrade is only $5.00 per month and you get most of the professional tools and resources plus 50% referral commissions. The Elite Membership Upgrade is only $10.00 per month and you get all the professional tools and resources plus 50% referral commissions.  The Partner Membership Upgrade is only $15.00 per month and you get all the professional tools and resources, 50% referral commissions, as well as a Free Domain and Hosting Account..(Best Deal on the Planet!)

Q - How can I take a look at what you get when you join EZ-Biz Live?

A - We have a Short Video of the Member Area that will give you an idea of the massive Resources available to you as a member.  There are literally thousands of tools and marketing aids in our system, take a look for yourself.

Q - Am I allowed to have more than one account?

A - We allow one account per individual. There may be more than one account per household, however each person registering an account must have a separate computer and IP address to participate in our program.

Q - How can I log into my account?

A - Log in at http://www.ezbizlive.com by clicking on the "Member Area" tab at the top of the page, then Login using your username and password.

Q - I hear some of your members referring to Account ID and some referring to Username.  What is the difference?

A - They are both the same.  They are both used to identify your membership in the database.

Q - How can I cancel my account?

A - Login to the Member Area then Click on "Cancel Account", then put in your password and Click on the "Cancel Account" Tab.   Notice that when you cancel, you will not be able to rejoin for 90 days and you will forfeit any funds.  If for some reason you cancel your account by mistake, please contact the admin ASAP via admin@ezbizlive.com.

Q - What happens to my Domain and Hosting account when I Cancel my Partner account?

 If you Quit EZ-Biz Live or Fail to make your monthly payments, you will lose access  to your Hosting account. Your Hosting account will remain active for 30 days after default to allow you to reinstate your membership.  If you quit or Fail to reinstate, your Hosting account and/or Domain Name will be suspended.  At this point if you wish, you may Transfer your Domain and Hosting account to another provider by paying the balance of your current 12 month period.

Q - If I upgrade to the Partner membership can I use the Domain Name I already have?

A - Yes, but you will have to point your Domain DNS to our DNS - NS1.microsplash.com & NS2.microsplash.com.

Q - How can I cancel receiving your emails?

A - You may not cancel receiving emails from EZ-Biz Live without terminating your membership, but you can unsubscribe from your sponsors emails without effecting your membership, if you wish, but we don't recommend it.

Q - How can I change my personal information?

A - Log in to your account and click the "My Profile" link. You will be able to edit any of your information except your Username and your Sponsor. Be sure you are using your most current email address.  Be sure to fill in all your personal information except maybe your street address.  Your Picture and Phone number are optional but highly recommended. They are very useful building you list.

Q - How can I put my Picture on my EZ-Biz Live Website, I see no way to upload it to your site? What size should the picture be?

A -  Login and go to your Profile, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Fill in the URL where your picture is located. If you don't have a Hosting account to store your pictures, then click on the "Store Your Photo" link.  You can then upload your picture to our EZ-Photo Cloud server and it will provide you a URL link to use.  Be sure your Photo size is close to 150x150 Pixels. If you need to resize it, click on the "Edit Your Photo" link and make any adjustments.  We recommend a shoulder shot of just you.  Group pictures are not recommended. Also any Icons or Logos will be removed and are not allowed!

Q - I live outside the US, can I join?

A - Yes, we welcome all international affiliates, however we conduct all our business in the English Language.  You can however use Google's translator for all text, but our Webinars are currently only in English.  Remember, only applicants that live in PayPal approved countries can join.  China, Russia, and Nigeria are currently banned from membership, due to the large number of Hack attempts from these countries.

Q - I have Web-TV, can I join too?

A - Yes, though some programs will not allow WEB-TV users to join their program, we welcome WEB-TV users. Our efficient tracking method allows WEB-TV users full earning privileges.

Earnings Questions


Q - How much do I earn by participating in the Referral System?

A - See the "What can I earn through referrals?" question below.

Q - I just joined EZ-Biz Live Free. How do I get the $10.00 you credited to my account?

A - Login and click on the :My "Cashouts" Tab. You should see your $10.00 balance.  You should also see that the minimum cash out is $30.00. As soon as you recruit a few upgrades to your account and it reaches $30 or more, you can request a payout.  We give you the $10.00 to help you get started.

Q - When can I request payment?

A - You may request payment after you have earned $30.00 USD or more..

Q - How can I request payment?

A - As soon as you reach the minimum payout level of $30.00 USD, you will see the redemption option appear in your account area, after submitting your redemption request, we will validate your account, and then begin the payment process.  You must be a member in good-standing to receive any payments.

Q - When am I paid?

A - After your payment request is made and your account is in good-standing we will issue payment to you within 30 days. Generally at the end of each month.

Q - How am I paid?

A - Payments are Received and Paid via PayPal only: Make sure your PayPal email is listed in your Profile. Currently PayPal is our only Payment Processor. We are sorry, but if you live in a country that can't use PayPal, you will not be able to upgrade or receive referral payments, however you will still have access to our powerful resources to help you build an awesome list.

Referral Questions


Q - How can I refer new members?

A - You may place a link with your referral URL to EZ-Biz Live on your website on your email signature or advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming. We provide our members with built in Videos, Landing Pages, Banners, and Text / Email Ads for your use at no additional cost. To learn how to use these tools and increase your marketing skills, join our Interactive Training Webinars.  Our Webinar schedule can be found under "Events" on our main page.

Q - What is my referral link?

A - Your personal referral link can be found under your "My Ads" link in your Member Area.

Q - What can I earn through referrals?

A -  Free Members will earn up to 25% 1st level monthly commission of an upgraded Pro, Elite, or Partner member.
       Pro Members will earn up to 50% 1st level monthly commission of an upgraded Pro, Elite, or Partner member.
       Elite Members will earn up to 50% 1st level monthly commission of an upgraded Pro, Elite, or Partner member.
       Partner Members will earn up to 50% 1st level monthly commission of an upgraded Pro, Elite, or Partner member.

Additional Questions

Q - How long has EZ-Biz Live been around?

A - EZ-Biz Live has been under development for 5 years as a Non-profit Marketing Support organization.  Membership was Free until January 2014 when we started charging a small fee for some of our more advanced assets. Costs to maintain such a massive organization got too expensive for our Admin to finance alone, so we added 3 membership levels at a very modest price to offset some of the costs, and to allow our members a way to make a monthly referral income.  Our Admin and Board of Directors do not profit from our system.  All of the profits, if any, go back into the system to pay the bills and provide for future growth.

Q - I have questions not answered on this FAQ page, what can I do?

A - Contact Us -and supply as much information as possible.  We will respond within 24 hours or less.  If you are a member, you can submit a Service Ticket by Clicking on "Help" in the Member Area.



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